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Sarah's stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is something I make for guests, or when I have the time for something a bit decadent and fancy (even though its pretty easy actually!)

I enjoy putting on a fav podcast and sipping slowly on a full bodied red wine while I make these! Or sometimes I dance to my fav music too!

I like when I have time to slowly make these and enjoy the creative side of food. It connects me to so much more than eating, salivating for one! (which is important for digestion) and in general getting excited about what I have created and about to eat!

I believe the reward comes from friends and family enjoying these and the creativity that comes with working with something quite delicate.

This take was a weekend away with the fam for a much needed respite of the buzz of Sydney life.

My brother and I made dinner for my dads birthday and the flowers had came right in time in our fortnightly veg box, I just had to.

Note my brother in law in the background and me checking in half way to see if the vid was even on. haha!! Keeping things real

Recipe below






Soft Goats Cheese


Zuchinni Flowers

The amounts depend on how many flowers you have!

Grab three bowls and a small plate

Bowl 1 = Goats cheese with a pinch of mint chopped up

Bowl 2 = 3 eggs whisked and salt/pepper to taste

Bowl 3 = Polenta

Plate = to put finished zucchini flowers on

Remove the Staymens inside each Zuchinni flower

Open each flower carefully and stuff with goats cheese thats been mixed with mint

Twist the tops and dunk in the whisked egg bowl

Once covered in egg then cover in polenta

Place on plate and repeat for each flower.

You can see me doing that in the video.

Once they are all done, pop in fridge for 10-15 minutes and then you can lightly fry them in olive oil till brown or pop in the oven!

Would love to see your versions

You can swap the Goats cheese for a deeper blue cheese or even ricotta

Cashew cheese also works!

Enjoy !

Sarah x

my flowers before they went in a light fry

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