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Zucchini Slice Recipe

I actually should call this "empty the fridge" slice. At the end of the week before the next farmers markets I usually have a few veggies that are still good that I want to use up.

SO I came up with this recipe.

The beauty of it is - you can have all day long for whatever meal - kids will enjoy it too.

Add a side of greens and salad and you have a delicious mid week lunch, add some steamed greens and home made sweet potato chips for a delicious mid week dinner!

As autumn approaches its natural for our bodies to crave warmer foods. This means more seasonal vegetables should be eaten according to the season.

I enjoy this for breakfast

Some additional add ons - featured here is goats fetta

Last time I made it i put some bacon chunks in it for extra flavour

You could also add some grated cheese on top just before you bake it


300grams Shredded Zucchini

3 carrots shredded

200 grams of any style mushroom broken into bits

Handful of chives (I literally had these there so I used them but you could use whatever you have - basil, spring onion, parsley, oregano - they all go well !) Even mint tastes magic with zuc!

1 whole capsicum broken up

2 cloves of garlic minced

6 eggs whisked

2 cups of tapioca ( you could also use corn flour, buckwheat flour or brown rice flour)

1tsp baking powder


1. Add zucchini and mushrooms in a mixer first and whizz - then add the mix to a seperate bowl.

2. Mix the carrot, chives garlic and capsicum

3. Add the carrot mix all together with zucchini and mushroom mix and stir

4. Add eggs and flour/baking powder and stir till combined

Pour into a lined tray of choice - I used this flat one as it makes for nice square shapes to cut once baked

Bake in a tray for 35-45 minutes -@ 180 degrees - depending on your oven - check it at about 30 minutes it should raise and go brown.

Let it cool completely before removing and slicing anyway you like

it freezes well so you can freeze half for when you need a go to snack or meal, or cut into slices for kids snacks, adult lunches or as I said dinner!

Enjoy x

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