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An Introduction to Postpartum Health

An Introduction to Postpartum Health

We can't have thriving babies if we don't have thriving mums and we really do put babies first with checkups from a health nurse, midwife, paediatrician and natural medicine support. Unfortunately, us mums tend to fall off the radar and as a mum myself, I know all too well what a caffeine fuelled day with a teething baby can look like - it’s not a great start to the day.


The journey is a roller coaster and here I share my top tips for keeping mumma in an optimal health state , I also offer further support via my postpartum package here:


This video offers an introduction to postpartum nutrition and what you should be looking out for in terms of pathology, nutrition intake and follow up tests.


I hope it serves as little reminder for us mummas to look after ourselves as postpartum is actually forever!


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Sarah x

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