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Mothers and their Baby
1 - Cocoon with Naomi "Tales from the fourth-trimester podcast" 

Exercise and movement is vital for our mental health, energy levels and getting strong and fit. BUT. If you just have a cursory 6 week check by a GP (who isn't a specialist in pelvic floor health) and then throw yourself back into your beloved pre-baby...

Listen to returning to exercise - without ending up with postnatal depletion or a prolapse!

Healthy assortment of yellow foods
2. The Nutrition Expedition

Mateo and Lachie interview Nutritionist and Naturopath Sarah Fehlberg where they talk Micronutrients and their importance!

Listen to the Importance of Micronutrients

Woman in Pain
3. The Nutrition Expedition

Today's podcast was all about gut health and diving into foods to improve it, foods that can affect it and also talking about our stool and why its important to recognise our bowel movements. 

Listen to a healthy gut and how to maintain it​

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