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6 Week Skin Overhaul Package

6 Week Skin Overhaul Package

Pinpoint the triggers in your skin condition and digestion with my 6 Week Skin Overhaul Package. This Package includes one session a fortnight for 6 weeks.


What's Included: 


Session One - 

  • 1.5 hour consultation valued at $165.00 to discuss whole health, history and background, diet analysis, skin anyasis, hormone discussion and gut health.
  • A treatment Protocol tailored to you after holisitc questioning
  • Lifestyle advice and goal setting
  • Suppliements or a Herbal Tincture if required
  • Pathology request for any required pathology (blood work) valued at $100.00
  • Herbal Face steams valued at $50.00
  • Face Oil Valued at $20.00
  • Personalised Herbal Tincture valued at $100.00
  • Meal diary customised for your skin and/or gut condition and support valued at $250



Session Two

Held two weeks after your first consultation, this session allows Sarah to review the pathology, gain feedback on the supplements/herbs and alter if needed. Sarah will also:

  • Discuss any underlying deficencies and discrepencies
  • Review your treatment plan
  • Review your diet intake form and diary
  • Review your digestive system
  • Note any changes



Session Three
Held two weeks after your second consultation, this 45 minute consultation will:

  • Review your Integumentary system
  • Review your digestive system
  • Note any Changes
  • Review your diet diary
  • Check how you are feeling
  • Give you tools to mantain this yourself 
  • Provide you lifestyle advice
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