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Postpartum Package

Postpartum Package

New mums are so busy trying to do everything, feed their baby, look after their baby and the household that they often can forget to eat or drink, they may not even get a shower for the day because of the normal demands of their baby.


In my experience, I often find mothers become depleted very quickly, which can show up as being tired, irritable and unable to make quick decisions which it is recipe for post natal depression. Having the right type of support is important to ease the stress that post partum and babies can bring.


There are many diet, lifestyle and supplements that can help you cope through the postpartum period and as a mother, naturopath and nutritionist I know first hand how to support you during this time.


What's Included:

  • 4 x 1 hour consults
  • 6 week postpartum food intake check, mood and mind check, energy and expectations
  • 12 weeks postpartum full blood count checking hormones, nutrients and thyroid and exercise prescription / return to exercise plan
  • 2 x email check ins 
  • Personalised supplement and nutrition plan with and snack ideas & recipes as well as tips to prep your freezer full of food and expectations in postpartum


Consultations are held online and pre-booked after each appointment. There is some flexability if you have had a difficult night and need a rest before our consultation.  


Please note: you have 6 months to use the package. I require 48 hours notice to move your consultation but I am also okay with 6 hours notice if needed. 

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