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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Sarah Fehlberg?

Sarah is a Bachelor Qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Personal trainer. Sarah has been in the “health” space for close to 15 years.

Incorporating her skills into an all rounded approach to body awareness, health, nutrition, food, movement and natural medicine. Sarah is the health package practitioner you’ve been looking for.

Taking a no bullshit approach without the airy fairy. She is down the line, but has a big

generous heart, a true empath. Sarah guides you and educates you on your journey to health so you no longer need the holding hand she provides.


Sarah is enthusiastic, bubbly,

caring and nurturing and you’ll leave educated, inspired and one step closer to your achieving your health goals.


What conditions do you treat?

Sarah Specialises in Men’s health and Sports Nutrition, Men and Women’s Fertility and Post

Partum Care.

Conditions include but are not limited, Poor Sperm Count, Poor recovery from exercise, how

to fuel and recover for sporting events, triathlons and marathons, athletic nutrition support/programming/training.

Thyroid management, Menopause, Skin conditions, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Body



How long will I have to see you for?

That's the beauty of Natural health, it's individualised, each person is treated as the

individual they are! Sarah will sit down with you and go over your needs and goals and tailor

up a plan.



What do you charge for workshops?

It is a per head ratio and dependant of the length and type of workshop

What kind of workshops do you offer?

  • Self care workshop

  • Nutrition in the workplace workshop

  • Postpartum 4 th trimester workshop

  • Stress management in the workplace

  • “New year, new you” workshops

  • Movement and food workshop

  • Fitness classes for events – Include Boxing, Boot camp, Kettlebells, Stretch, Pilates

  • Men’s Health Workshops

  • Men’s Mental Health Workshops


I don’t live close to your home clinic, are we able to have online consults?


YES! Sarah offers online consults worldwide. Thinking you need training too? Sarah offers

programs to do at home if you don’t live close enough to train.


What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a Natural Medicine Practitioner, we take the whole health history during delving deep initially to get to the roots of who you are, underlying causes of conditions and symptoms and treat you as a whole.


Naturopathy incorporates Nutritional medicine, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle and emotional support.


You have a lot of services – do you do packages to include natural medicine/nutrition as well

as personal training?

Yes! we offer tailored packages to suit individual needs, whether you are a sports enthusiast or a woman suffering from PMS or Menopause, a man needing a program to get back on

track and distress,


Sarah has you covered. Sarah can tailor movement and nutrition to suit your needs and goals. Get in touch for a personalised package!


How much is a consult?

Initial Consults are $165 for 1 hour

Follow up consults are $110 for 1 hour

Personal training and Nutrition packages are available and priced per individual needs and

length of time.

“Packs” are available for individual needs – generally 6, 8, 10 or 12 week packs and priced accordingly.


What do you charge for catering health events?

Again- this is a per head ratio

Catering is very individualised and Sarah tailors to suit the vendors needs.

Can offer Gluten free, dairy free and vegan service.


Please note Sarah does catering for small events of 50 people or less and usually in-line with the “health” space.

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