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Where Sports Nutrition Meets Complementary 


Initial Consultation

90 minutes

Includes comprehensive assessment of health history and current symptoms as well as a Nutrition analysis, functional pathology assessment, herbal and supplement prescription.

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Follow up Consultation

45 minutes 

Follow up consultations are after an initial appointment, usually within two weeks. This consult is to discuss how the treatment plan is going and make adjustments.


Follow ups are fortnightly-to-monthly depending on the condition.

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Acute Consultation

30 minutes

For those times in between appointments where you need immediate  support,  I'll be there!


Think sleep problems, stress, or immune support for that sudden nasty cold.

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About Sarah

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

our one stop sport nutrition and health solutions shop for the weekend warrior to the endurance athlete.


Sarah has been a Personal Trainer for 20 years, after working one on one with clients for a long time, she realised there was a gap between their movement output and proper nutrition guidance in order to achieve client specific goals.


With the long list of fad diets clients were being put on or putting themselves on. Sarah had had enough and wanted to educate and inspire her clients to reach their full potential not just in a gym setting, but for life.


She went on to learn more about how she can help clients with their whole health picture.

Studying a degree in Health Science Sarah now has the ability to take her clients to another level of health offering Nutrition and Natural Medicine.​​


Sarah teaches you the importance of food as medicine and understands a range of tools are needed to guide you in order to be able to truly thrive.


Sarah offers a no bull-shit approach giving you practical, down-to-earth advice without the fluff, so you can get on with living your life. 

Personal Training & Nutrition Package

Personalised training programs or sessions along with nutritional medicine support and management. This package can work alongside Naturopathic consultations and is tailored to your life stage and desired results. This is ideal for an athlete, those who like sports or general fitness and wellbeing. It can include shopping tours and in your house cooking with teenagers and food prep day.


Call 0415 475 182, book online, or fill out the form below to make an appointment.

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