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Handmade Herbal Face Steam
  • Handmade Herbal Face Steam

    Sarah personally selects the botanical medicine that goes into this sacred herbal face steam product to ensure that the highest quality is achieved. All botanicals contained in this handmade herbal face steam pack are organic, are perfect to use as part of your regular skincare regimen or to increase the elimination process of your skin. Using this face steam pack can be done in the comfort of your home while your hair is wrapped up and drying after a shower or before when you are conditioning your hair. You can even do it while relaxing and listening to meditation music.



    • Lavender flowers are antiseptic and antibacterial on the skin and are a carminative for the mind.
    • Rose Petals are anti-inflammatory and may help the skin with sun damage, redness and 
    • Chamomile Flowers has astringent and antihistamine properties which may help with toning, tightening and calming the skin


    Please be mindful of the ingredients in case of known allergies.



    Add the dried herbal blend to a bowl and drape a towel over your head to trap the vapour. Like you would if you had a blocked nose and were inhaling the steam.


    The handmade herbal Face Steam can be purchased as part of the skin package or stand-alone for yourself separately or as a gift. 

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